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Services and prices


Services Prices
MRI examination/per segment 1.400 kn
MR (next segment)* 800 kn
Contrast agent for MRI* 400 kn
Brain MRI 1.500 kn
Abdominal Ultrasound (gallbladder, bile ducts, pancreas, spleen) 350kn
Breast Ultrasound 350 kn
Color Doppler of the Heart 500 kn
Thyroid Ultrasound 350 kn
Specialist Physician Examination 350 kn
Urinary Tract Ultrasound 350 kn
Transvaginal Ultrasound + Doppler 350 kn
Pap Smear 150 kn
Food Intolerance Test (221 types of food) 3.185 kn
Dermoscopy Mole Examination 450 kn
Food Intolerance Test (125 types of food) 2.350 kn
Clinical Examination 350 kn
Internist Examination 350 kn
Follow-up Appointment (Internist) 300 kn
Urological Examination + Ultrasound for Urinary Retention 400 kn
Gastroenterology Examination 350 kn
Gynecological Examination 350 kn
ENT Examination 350 kn
Ophthalmic Examination 350 kn
Physiatric Examination 350 kn
Cardiac Examination (ECG included) 400 kn
Pulmonary Examination 400 kn
Nuclear Medicine Specialist Examination 350 kn
Neurological Examination 350 kn
Specialist Rheumatologist and Clinical Immunologist Examination 400 kn
Endocrine Examination 350 kn
Psychiatric Examination 400 kn
Excision of cysts, fistulas and tumors* 700 kn
Colonoscopy* 1000 kn
Mammography of both breasts 440 kn
Doppler of arteries and veins of lower limbs 550 kn
Esophagogastroduodenoscopy (Gastroscopy) 600 kn
Arm EMNG 450 kn
Leg EMNG 450 kn
Arm and Leg EMNG 700 kn
Color Doppler of Carotid and Vertebral Arteries 550 kn
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