About us


The Aviva Polyclinic is a successor to the Nemetova Polyclinic that was established in 1979 from the Center for Diagnostics, and registered as a Polyclinic for Medical Diagnostics in 1997 and became the first polyclinic institution in Croatia that started with independent work on the market. During its 40 years long tradition, the Aviva Polyclinic has become one of the most recognizable symbols of the Croatian health care system. The reason for this is, first of all, recognizable quality while always striving to do better, which has been recognized by our patients and customers who give their trust to the Aviva Polyclinic. We have been partners of the business community of the private sector and organizations all these years.


You can have a coronavirus test (SARS-CoV-2) at the Aviva Polyclinic. Testing is performed in a separate house on the right before the entrance to the main entrance of the Aviva Polyclinic.


In diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation we apply the principle of interdisciplinarity.


We keep track of the latest achievements and use the state-of-the-art equipment that enables fast, quality diagnostics and rehabilitation. Diagnosed health risks and certain diagnoses are treated in accordance with the highest requirements and standards of the medical profession. The particularity and the advantage of our Polyclinic lies in the connection between diagnostics and medical programs.

Personal approach

We provide you with personal contact with a specialist doctor, individual guidance through an agreed program and a choice of doctor as desired. A professionally trained person will respond your phone call and give you accurate information and enable you to perform all the required examinations, at the time when it is convenient for you.


We think of your time – do your examinations as quickly as possible, in one place, without waiting.


Experience and knowledge

We cover almost all the specialties of today’s medicine – internal medicine, cardiology, radiology, dermatology, urology, neurology, minor surgery, pulmonology, physical medicine with rehabilitation, gastroenterology, gynecology, otorhinolaryngology, ophthalmology, nuclear medicine, orthopedics, biochemical hematology laboratory, psychology and endocrinology. There are about 80 employees at the Polyclinic at the moment.



To be an example to private practices in Croatia and the first choice of clients for top medical services of diagnostics, therapy and rehabilitation.


The Aviva Polyclinic provides every patient with a complete health care service of the highest standard. With our team of top specialists and modern equipment we provide the shortest path to diagnosis and recommendations for further treatment, thus justifying the trust of current clients and gaining new ones. General medical examinations emphasize the importance of prevention, and by educating patients we help in adopting healthy living habits.